Life’s new normal πŸ™†β€β™€οΈ

Sept & Oct are busy months in the academic calendar. The mid-term exam dates are announced; there are both practical exams and theory papers. Practical exams without school !? Old habits die hard 😁!! Yes, even during online classes, practical records are to be maintained for experiments that are to be watched on Youtube and the conclusions recorded. The viva will be held online.

Also there are a plethora of activities held in school such as essay writing, online debates, story maps, comic strips, drawing, painting etc…starting with the Teacher’s Day celebrations on 5 Sep and finally ending with the Gandhi Jayanti celebrations on 2 Oct. And it’s all online submissions. Click and email; the winners are awarded e-certificates. After all these events, there is the first major school break for the Puja holidays towards the end of October. Will we be able to go somewhere for a break? Too, early to tell.

I attended my first online parent teacher meeting. Each parent were allowed 10 min with the class teacher. It went well.

The days are rushing past, the weeks begin with Monday, Wednesday is the half way mark and before you realise, it’s Friday. As one of my friends said, “By 8:30 am everyone in the house will be in their own separate rooms glued to the screen either online classes or concalls.” The weekend provides a breather to finish the pending assignments and the circus starts again next week. The work makes the time run faster; it’s fun in a way !!

As a speed breaker on one of the days we had a visit from the Association of People with Disability with Horticulture Training selling plants . Green plants for sale at the convenience of our doorstep !! They had a good collection; not just plants but fertilisers, gardening implements, pots and everything else.

Plants for sale at our apartment
The cute cactus !!
More green plants !!

I bought a three new additions to my balcony. Not that I have a thriving garden to begin with πŸ˜€. I have to make a start; the green plants have such a calming effect and they look so prettyπŸƒ. I bought the small round white vase for Rs. 200/-.

My cactus plant
Love the croton !!
Spider plant – the white border on the leaf is so pretty !!

This is it for now, more in the next post.

Take care !!


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