Stalk and the Bean 🍃 (guest post)

Our appetite for coffee took us further north (a gruelling road trip 300-km long) to the heartland of coffee plantations in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka state where a homestay, Nature Nirvana was arranged. Genuinely located in the lap of nature, this was a place for which Google could not find travel routes. Instead, we had to rely on road signs and local plantation workers for direction.

Nature Nirvana at Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Surrounded by coffee estates and wilderness, this place appeared quaintly charming. It was meant to be; afterall, it’s a place of nirvana, a state of oblivion. Coffee shrubs grew everywhere. The bean-to-cup journey ends in a beverage with power to kick-start our day and instantly switch into work mode; a drink that we socialise over and a go-to for instant mood uplifting.

Nature Nirvana

Chickmagalur is home to several brands and blends – Arabica and Robusta flavours – including Ainmané, Blue Tokai, Coffee Day, Halli Berry, Seven Beans, Sleepy Owl, The Coffee Co, Subko, etc. With roasteries all over the world, they make both cold and hot markets flourish with exotic flavors.

Coffee production in India is led by three southern states, viz. Karnataka (71%), Kerala (21%), and Tamil Nadu (5%). Chickmagalur is known to be the first place in India to have begun coffee cultivation in the 17 th century and now, even as India-grown beans account a trivial 3% of global production, they make a fine class of beans in the world with most (70%) of the home produce exported. The quest for coffee’s healthful ingredients is never complete but the magic potion can easily perk you up any time. Medical science has one good news for its customers that they can relax and enjoy the habit without feeling guilty. Coffee addicts may find more information in the link 👉 Brew your morning coffee with these 13 made-in-India artisanal brands.

The gorge and waterfall within the estate at Nature Nirvana, Chikmagalur

The gorge and waterfall within the estate provided more calming scenes. As this trek called for a balance of body and mind (reflex), we sought guidance of a local boy who held hands especially when the ground became treacherous and difficult to tread. The landscape of valleys, rivulets and springs, and the small ravines was forever etched into the mind’s canvas. We were as close to the nature as we could get.

A cool dip
The exhilarating trek

As we walked back to the quarters, we were privy to the rhythm and forms around us. From the nature around us, there are lessons to be learnt from patterns that unfold to us every day and it influence our ways of living and how we structure our lives. 

As our sojourn comes to an end, I hoped to capture a little of the spirit of the undulating and diverse landscapes. Nature takes time. Just as the seeds are slow to grow and flower, a part of our journey shall be spent in learning to be patient, persevering. To slow down, and to change from our expectations, so as to grow a rule of life in our own plot.


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