Postcards from Wayanad 🛤 (guest post)

River Kingfisher, Wayanad, Kerala

Bidding adieu to the teak forests in Nilambur, we travelled further north of Kerala to reach the district of Wayanad. This sleepy district was suddenly thrust into the limelight when Rahul Gandhi decided to contest the Lok Sabha elections from here. Barring the sudden political spotlight, Wayanad has always been a popular weekend getaway for the city populace from Kerala and the bordering states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

As we checked into the tented homestay called Grassroots in Wayanad for the night; we were not prepared for the sights and sound that would unfold around us in the morning. The air was pristine, but we were quite aware of the small fauna that moved on and around the tent at night. The moorings were strong and interior comfortably warm.

The tented homestay Grassroots in Wayanad
Interiors of the tent at Grassroots, Wayanad
Grassroots, Wayanad
Grassroots, Wayanad

Amidst the chill in the morning, we were woken up by a strong aroma of coffee, as if it had been raised in the surroundings. We were also greeted by a shroud of mist the type often found in a valley where nothing else thrives but flora. It was visible among the trees and melted away with the sun’s warmth as the day progressed. It emanated from a small stream nearby and also enveloped the neighbourhood. It appeared divine ‼️

Divine morning mist

Riding on the Pookode Lake gives many insights and appreciation of the nature around us. The flora is mesmerizing and remains untouched while a large species of birds and animals have made the lake area their kingdom. River kingfisher can be seen at close quarters. Water is serene and fresh as the lake is at a height of 2500 feet above sea level and bounded by wooded hills.

Boating at the Pookode Lake
Pookode Lake
Pookode Lake

…to be continued.


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