Oh My Gold❗️

I remember this as the name of a TV series hosted by Lisa Ray on TLC, where she explores the love of this precious metal across the different states of the country.

This yellow metal is very dear for us and it helps that it is ingrained in our culture that gold ornaments are considered mandatory and auspicious for weddings and religious festivities🎊. Weddings always have a separate budget for gold and parents start saving early. The price of 1g gold today is above Rs. 5100/-. This gravity defying upward march for this metal was unexpected but still people are buying for weddings.

Post wedding all the heavy jewellery find a permanent resting place in the bank lockers; and they see the light of the day again only if their is another big wedding  in the family. In some cases, the wedding jewellery is exchanged for more lighter everyday wear. This was the case with my friend who suddenly came to the realisation that she has no daughter to pass all her jewellery to. Her son is still a teenager, but gazing into the crystal ball, she was sure her future daughter-in-law is going to exchange all her old jewellery and get new ones for herself. So instead, she decided to exchange her elaborate wedding jewellery for new and lighter designs and maybe throw in a few diamonds that she can wear and enjoy everyday. She is happy!

There are many who consider the exchange of gold a wasteful affair, you are never going  to get back the making charges. But then, you are stuck with chunky pieces that you cannot wear in the normal course. The alternative is to buy new pieces. But this thought has it’s own stigma. It’s an uncalled for extravagance say many. “You don’t have a daughter. Then why do you keep buying new jewellery? It’s a waste!”

Gold is always considered an investment for the future. What about wearing it everyday for sheer pleasure? Yeah! just take a look at the clever ads by Tanishq on Youtube, nothing lights up a woman’s face more than a gift of gold !!

I don’t think I can afford indulging in jewellery now, but it’s always nice to have a few pieces that as Marie Kondo would say spark joy✨. Here are two of my fav pieces.

Dome mesh necklace from Caratlane
Dome mesh necklace from Caratlane

The above piece is from Caratlane and never fails to draw attention. It’s a dome mesh necklace in rose gold. Light weight and elegant, it is perfect !!

Screenshot 2020-08-18 at 08.44.31
Pendant of this make with the tiny golden balls hanging along the periphery is called addiyal

The above pendant is probably the only antique jewellery I have. It was a gift from my aunt. The pendant of this make with the tiny golden balls hanging along the periphery is called addiyal. Old designs are always an eye-catcher.

Till next post, take care !!


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