Another August Monsoon in Kerala 🌴

Sitting in Bangalore, I can romanticise the monsoons in Kerala. But the people in Kerala esp. in this month of August will fail to see my excitement. It’s a hat trick for the state in terms of the floods in August; this year is third time in the running🌧.

From the past two years’ experience, I learnt my lesson; do not make travel plans to Kerala in August. June and July are two whole months without a single holiday. So when August arrives, it is tempting; with the Independence Day on 15th August and combining  a few other ensuing holidays, we can sneak away for a week. We used to plan for that.

In 2018, the airport in Kochi closed on account of floods and since the flight got cancelled, we got our money back. In 2019, the airport closed once again due to water logging, but re-opened just in time for our day of travel and yes, we manage to land safely and soak up some of the monsoon rains💦.

And this August, no travel plans thanks to the virus and the expectation of floods in Kerala. The assumption proved right. As I have mentioned in the prior post, my folks have their house by the side of the Meenachil river in Kottayam and today the river is flooded. The river has spilled onto the road and now the road and river seem like one.

The flooded Meenachil river in Kottayam

Folks are on dry ground, the water has stopped just shy of our front yard. Outside the gate is covered in water. The rains are expected to continue till 12th August, so the worst is not over yet. My Dad sent me the pictures of the water all around. The house looks like an island.

The water has stopped just shy of our front yard

I find it beautiful and kinda charming💚. The green of the trees, overgrown shrubs, the creepers; even the water has a tinge of olive green and the perpetual drizzle !! But then I am safely perched in Bangalore. Folks are safe; so here are the snaps. Hope you like them❤️.

Till next post, take care !!


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