Catching a rainbow 🌈

Everyone agrees that rainbows are magical. Their rare appearance make them a miracle and hence when you chance upon one it definitely feels special. Whoever sees one, will start calling everyone else around to come and see…

It began to rain abruptly on Saturday evening🌧, but stopped within an hour. Soon the clouds gave way and the last of the sun’s rays cast a golden glow on the trees. The warm glow had a magical allure to it and those who stepped out onto the balcony to savour this sight, were treated to a majestic rainbow in the sky.

Caught this artwork in the sky on my mobile, here’s the video clip; the background score is New York Love by Dean Wagg.

Rainbows bring two theories to mind; the first one is from the Bible, God’s Covenant with Noah after the floods wiped out all living beings from the earth. With this belief that rainbow is God’s creation, when ever you see one, you remember the creator.

And then in school, you encounter the chapter on light. Here you learn about refraction – the phenomenon of bending of light and the most apt example of this, the teacher quotes is the formation of a rainbow. Light bends as it travels from one medium to another, here it is travelling from air into the droplets of water.

Science beautifully explains the logic behind the creation. I acknowledge both.

Till next post, take care !!


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