Breakfast Bites 🥣

The kid is starting the chapter in Maths titled Permutations and Combinations; I recall my P&C days, never understood the logic clearly and just managed to scrape through. Wait, the teacher is talking about Harry Potter, I am all ears – TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE – he says any guesses on the significance of the name?

The words of the name can be re-arranged to form – I AM LORD VOLDEMORT – it’s an anagram🧙‍♂️!! Anangram is simply a re-arrangement of words, to form another meaningful word; it is a sub set of permutation which simply means an arrangement. In permutation, the new words formed needn’t be meaningful, it’s is only listing out all the possible combinations. Now that’s an interesting Maths class😀 !!

But wait there is more; the teacher gives another example. In Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown talks about anagrams!? Anyone remembers? LEONARDO DA VINCI forms O DARCONIAN DEVIL and another one – THE MONA LISA forms O LAME SAINT !!

I am smiling, but this is where the fun facts end and the actual Maths begins. For breakfast I am making Uppumavu a dish made from semolina. No, it’s not an anagram, but there is a interesting word play !! The Malayalam name of this dish literally translates to Salt Mango Tree in English. Uppu is Malayalam for salt and mavu is Malayalam for mango tree. It’s a catchy name; but the dish is not very popular. It’s something like oatmeal – it is easy to make, but can be very bland and uninspiring.

So I jazz up my Salt Mango Tree by cooking it in ghee and adding nuts – cashew and peanuts and a pinch of turmeric, in addition to the usual ingredients. The result is super tasty😋. I eat it with banana and a sprinkle of sugar.


You guys have a good day⛅️.

Till next post, take care !!


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