Plan for palak (spinach) 🥬

Mornings in Bangalore are glorious and unpredictable; you can wake up to chilly mornings with grey cloudy skies, sometimes a silent drizzle, maybe just a peek of the sun or clear cloudless blue skies with warm sun. Today was a latter kind of day and the residents were making most of it; there were more than the usual number of morning walkers out and about.

During the lockdown the local shops are open only from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm. So grocery shopping needs to be done in the morning. I hate this task and avoid it as much as possible. I make a list and delegate. Sometimes hubs returns with some additional finds too and on one such expedition he brought palak (spinach).

ScreenaPalak (spinach)shot 2020-07-14 at 09.27.49
Palak (spinach)

I like to run over my list of possibilities with palak. So far make three dishes – palak paneer, palak chicken and palak chapatis.

Palak Paneer

Paneer was considered a delicacy in my school days. It was made at home by curdling milk with lemon juice. It was a cumbersome process to make the paneer at home and this had to be followed by cooking it into a dish. It was too much work.

And so paneer became a dish often ordered in the restaurants. Since then paneer has become a refrigerator staple in homes, all thanks to the homegrown brand Amul – a cooperative dairy company based at Anand in the state of Gujarat in India. Amul paneer is the universal favourite, though there are other brands available.

Screenshot 2020-07-14 at 09.27.09
Amul paneer – always a packet is stocked in the fridge

The stems of palak are not used, only the leaves. The leaves are blanched, blended together with masala to form a rich gravy and finally simmered with the paneer cubes. A dash of the aromatic kasuri methi and cream completes the dish. An easy dish to make and goes well with chapatis😋. 

Paneer blitzed
Paneer leaves blended in a mixie
Palak paneer
Palak paneer

Palak chicken 

I heard about this dish from my cousin first. It’s easier than palak paneer; the palak leaves need not be blanched, simply chopped and added to the chicken. Ready in minutes😋.

Screenshot 2020-07-14 at 09.25.49
Palak leaves chopped and added to the chicken
Screenshot 2020-07-14 at 09.24.44
Palak chicken

Palak chapatis

This is an easy way to add some excitement to the usual chappatis. Recipes are available online and they are a treat !! Here again the palak leaves are blanched and pureed and then mixed with the flour to make the chapati dough.

Screenshot 2020-07-14 at 09.40.19
The green dough for making palak chapatis
Palak chapatis
Palak chapatis

This is a start, there are other dishes to try with palak.

Till next post, take care !!


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  1. Looks delicious 😋


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      Thanks Shaheen !!

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