Sweet Carnival 🧁


Good morning⛅️

Tea and a butter croissant🥐, a perfect start to the day ! The butter croissant is from the local store Carnival Cakes & Breads; they had a sale outside our apartment complex yesterday and we bought quite a lot of bakery items.

Tea and a butter croissant, a perfect start to the day !

If the start of today was sweet, yesterday night was a treat too. The bakers were selling Pav buns and we decided to have Pav Bhaji for dinner. Pav Bhaji is a street food; the bhaji is a smooth vegetable gravy mix with potato as the core ingredient.

Pav Bhaji for dinner
Bhaji served with a coriander and lemon

The Pavs are cut into two, one side buttered and toasted on the hot tava.

Pavs being toasted on the hot tava
Pavs being toasted on the hot tava
A part of yesterday's haul from the bakers
A part of yesterday’s haul from the bakers

It was all not just bread, we had lot of chocolatey stuff too – hard to resist😋

Belgium tea cake
Brownie with a sprinkle of walnuts
Chocowalnut brownie
The staff from Carnival Cakes & Breads setting up the stall

Enjoy a sweet morning 🍰!!

Till next post, take care !!

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