Breakfast bites ☕️


Sunday morning, breakfast is being served outside, literally😀. We have a stall from the food chain A2B set up in the visitor’s parking lot outside the flat and they are serving hot south Indian fare. This has been a new happening since the Unlock 1.0 began.

Queue at the A2B stall outside the apartment in Bangalore

Masala dosa and vada with sides of sambar and coconut chutney, both red and white is what we order. Yummy and filling😋. The A2B people come twice a month on weekends and they make the food to order. It’s convenient and fun. Digital payments, face masks, social distancing, workers wear gloves and face shields etc, all the norms are being followed.

Hot vadas in the making

On similar lines the farm to home concept brought fresh fruits and vegetables to the apartments during the lockdown. There were also food trucks from FMCG companies like ITC bringing all their brands directly to the residents.

Masala dosa
Masala dosa

The news lately is not very encouraging; new positive COVID cases are on the rise and even though it is the unlock phase, people are still cautious. Confined to the house for months at stretch without an end in sight is depressing; any small change from everyday routine is a welcome relief.

Till next post, take care !!


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  1. Wow A2B😍😍😍
    We had their fare on a trip to Chennai and Pondi, i even picked some of their masala packets❤️❤️
    Miss it.


    1. Miles and smiles says:



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