Breakfast bites 🌅


“Your online class will start in 15 min⏰” I shout from the kitchen. Some things never change. Earlier the line used to be “Your bus will be here in 15 min…get up !!” The kid would be awake, just lazy to get out from the warm covers.

Mornings in Bangalore are chilly now. But still there are the determined few who brave the cold breeze continue with their morning walk around the flat. The man in his 60s, in his uniform of shorts and T-shirt is always out walking unless it is raining. Ladies are not very regular; they start and then disappear. There’s a lady who wears only pastel shade T-shirts unlike most women who are fanatic about wearing black while exercising. Then there is this lady who always wears a cap, to shield from the sun and wind? She also wears only full sleeve tops. Then there is a young female; doesn’t look like she needs the exercise, dressed in standard black T and tights. There are older ladies who walk is salwar kameez and even in saris teamed with sports shoes. There are a few joggers among the men. Again not regular.

My flat is on the first floor and huge downgrade from the 10th floor we used to previously inhabit. But it’s not that bad, the view from the balcony is green. The garden around the apartment is well maintained and now in the morning while sipping my tea by the balcony window, I get to people watch as they walk towards better health and in the evening once again with my tea and Nice biscuits, I can see the kids playing and more  gown ups out for walk.

“Tea?” asks the kid as he opens the laptop and joins the online class 💻

“Children, can you please switch on the video?” says the teacher 👩‍🏫

Suddenly the kid dashes back to his room, emerges two seconds later after a change of T-shirt and running a comb through his hair.

“Morning ma’m.” wishes the kid as he clicks open the video.

Breakfast is after the first class. They have a 20 minute break. Today it’s puttu and kadala curry, a Kerala staple. Puttu is made by steaming rice flour and grated coconut. The spicy kadala gravy is the perfect accompaniment. Every Keralaite will have a favourite combo with puttu, some like it sweet and mix it with banana and sugar; others like to have it will fish curry  and still others have it with boiled green gram dal and pappadam.

Puttu and kadala curry
Puttu and kadala curry

After breakfast, before the next class, the kid rummages through his cupboard and brings the travel neck pillow. Putting it on he says, “It helps with the continues sitting and watching the screen”⁉️🤦‍♀️.

You all have a good week ahead 🌺

Till next post, take care !!


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