House 🩺


“Any doubts?” asks the teacher “Say something idiots !”

Couldn’t help overhearing. The kid’s online classes are underway and the sound is on speaker.

“Very good beta (meaning son in Hindi)” applauds the same teacher when a kid answered correctly.

The kids vacillate between idiots and beta depending on their class participation. I first thought it rude that the teacher is calling the kids idiots; but then all he is trying to do is to provoke them into responding with their doubts or answers, instead of the class being a boring monologue. Plus the teacher is good aka teaches the concepts well. So I guess as long as you are very good at what you do you can get away with being rude.

A bit like the series on Amazon Prime we are watching now – House. It’s an old series, but we recently caught a fancy to it and are currently on Season 3. Hugh Laurie who plays Dr. Gregory House is incredible and the supporting cast brilliant. It’s nice to see a person speak his mind instead of filtering words like everyone else. But the side-effect is loneliness and that’s something nobody wants. So we conform.

Another interesting phrase often used in the show is “Everybody Lies” and with good intentions. Nobody’s perfect and we all want to appear unblemished.

But watching a medical series like House sensitises you to the infections lurking just about everywhere; which is creepy. But it’s still good fun. Season 2 had an episode where they showed House’s house no. 221…same as Holmes 221, Baker Street.

Till next post, take care !!


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