Mangoes & Music 🥁🎶

“What mangoes are these?” asks the lady to the vegetable vendor who visits our flat.

“Banganapalli” says he. “You want?” he asks

The lady does not reply. The mangoes looked perfect like a big yellow juicy commas.

“What mangoes are you looking for?” another lady asks “Alphonso?”

“Yes” says the lady no.1

“Ah! they are very sweet. Big Basket (the online food delivery app) has them. But they are super expensive.” says lady no.2

I have heard about Alphonso being the best of the Indian mangoes. I love the Moovandan variety grown in Kerala. My folks had a whole lot sent from Kerala to Bangalore in March and they were delicious. What’s all the fuss about Alphonso anyway? The Banganapalli mangoes are available in plenty in Bangalore; it’s seen stacked up on every fruit seller’s push cart here.


The month of June began by bringing gifts.

The first one arrived in a perfect square cardboard box. It was heavy. Opening the box revealed shredded newspapers nestling partly ripe mangoes; Alphonso mangoes said the guy. Wow !! Wrapping the mangoes in newspapers help them to release the gas ethylene which speeds up the ripening process, in addition to serving as a packing material.

Alphonso mangoes
Alphonso mangoes

June will probably be the last month for mangoes. Alphonso mangoes are sweeter than the Moovandan or Banganappali; but I like the hint of sour in the mangoes and will always vote for the Moovandan. I am biased.

Mangoes need to be served separately from the rest of the fruits for the kid
Mangoes need to be served separately from the rest of the fruits for the kid


Another surprise was a few gift vouchers from the bank. They could be redeemed against shopping at a few select shops. We chose Croma, an electronics shop and bought  headphones from Sony.

Music sounds divine through them. Listening to Blinding Lights from The Weekend is awesome !!

Sony headphones
Sony headphones

Great way to begin a month. Wishing everyone a good week ahead 🧚

Till next post, take care !!

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