Panchayat on Prime : A glimpse into rural India🌻

Panchayat is a new series on Amazon Prime.

Rural India is often described as – charming, colourful and rustic; sugar coated words really – rural India is poor, dusty and lacking in infrastructure. Why would anyone want to go there? And that’s exactly the feelings of the protagonist Abhishek Tripathi, an engineering graduate who gets the government job as the Secretary of the Panchayat office at a remote village called Phulera in Uttar Pradesh. He takes the job as the only  other alternative is to remain at home jobless with no money. But he aspires more and decided to prepare for MBA entrance.

At the sleepy village of Phulera are some colourful characters the most famous of them is the Pradhan (Head) of the Panchayat Manju Devi played by Neena Gupta. The village life is lacking the razzmatazz of city life, but our naive protagonist always creates new complications.

Panchayat on Amazon Prime, Source:
Panchayat on Amazon Prime, Source:

The series is fun to watch; the cast is brilliant; the dialogues are witty; the characters are very relatable (maybe more for the Indian audience). The rural experience is not a documentary on poverty but a satire on the current state of things. But when you think things are predictable, people can surprise you !!

Check it out, if you can’t follow Hindi, there are always the sub-titles. Currently only Season 1 is released; but its ends on a promising note.

Till next post, take care !!


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