Morning musings🌤

3 May marked the last day of the lockdown. People were wondering what next? The answer soon arrived. From 4 May onwards for the next two weeks a new set of rules has been announced. A curfew at night between 7 pm to 7 am has come into force. During  daytime the shops can open, people and vehicles are free to move with certain conditions in place; one interesting rule being only 3 people are allowed in a car. The driver in the front and two passengers in the back. As my mom pointed out, if a family of 4 has to venture out👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, you need two cars 🚖🚖. 

Looking back on the lockdown days, here is a snap of our immunity boosting concoction for the mornings – warm water with lemon and honey. We tried adding ginger and pepper, but those experimentations soon died out. The colour is spectacular 💛 !!

Morning concoction – warm water, honey and lemon

We had a vegetable vendor visit our apartment twice a week. He goes to the market, picks up the fruits and vegetables and brings it here; he charges higher but we pay for the convenience. And having fruits delivered home ensured that we always had a colourful fruit platter in the mornings 🍍🍉🍊.

This pineapple season I tried cutting the pineapple spirally to remove the eyes and ensure minimum wastage. Requires a little patience and practice !!

Pineapple cut spirally to remove the eyes
Pineapple cut spirally to remove the eyes
Red lady papaya is a star
Red lady papaya is a star
Morning fruit bowl
Morning fruit bowl

We are yet to venture out, post the lockdown. All the shops insist on the customers wearing masks. The restrictions has been relaxed in our apartment complex also. Maids are now allowed in; deliveries are still deposited at the main gate. One interesting read was an article in the newspaper The Hindu BusinessLine regarding the classification of the shoppers post lockdown – revenge shoppers, revelation shopper and restricted shopper. 

“I want to eat a whole pizza by myself “ says the kid; a classic example of the revenge shopper – as the article describes – a customer who has been dreaming about the things they missed during the lockdown.

“I am definitely going to get a vacuum cleaner “ says my cousin; an example of the revelation shopper – as the article describes – a customer who has spent considerable time at home and has realised what he/she needs to buy to improve the quality of life.

“I need to buy heath insurance. “ would be on the shopping list of a restricted shopper.

You can catch the article via the link

Till next post, take care !!


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