Storm in a cup ☕️

Hot sips of tea
Hot sips of tea

By 7:00 am the sun is up and blazing. But people are slow risers now, what’s the rush? In fact households were still waking up. The milk packets are seen piled up on the table in front of security cabin at the main gate. The delivery guy is not allowed into the building, so he leaves the milk packets in plastic bags labelled with the flat nos. on the table at the main gate. And now the residents are seen sauntering out to collect their respective packets.

What about the danger in touching common areas like the control panels on the lift, door knobs etc while going up and down? There is a risk if you are using the lift. A better alternative is the staircase. The association made a good decision to keep the doors to the individual floors from the stairwell ajar (they are self closing doors, kept open by the weight two of bricks, effective and inexpensive) and hence no need to touch or open doors. In fact, you can make it outside and back without having to use your hands at all; handsfree and no surface contact.

We don’t have milk delivered home; we used to buy the milk in tetra packs, less of a hassle as they can be used without boiling. And currently they are out of stock in the stores. The normal milk packets are available, I could switch, but decided against it. I was worried when the last tetra pack got over; am so used to milky tea and thought I would hate black tea; but surprisingly, I like it. 

I am surprised and happy. I was worried that if I deviate from my daily habits and quirks, morning milky tea being right on top of the list; it will make me more irritable. I can now survive tea without milk, but what if I do not get my usual brand of tea😬?  We underestimate ourselves even in such trivial matters!!

Till next post, take care !!


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