21 days ‼️

…lockdown for the whole country, starting Tuesday mid-night, the PM announced yesterday. People took sometime to digest the news. Though drastic, everyone knows it is necessary to prevent a contagion. After accepting this, next thought is do we have enough supplies to get us going for the next 21 days? And this is where the panic sets in.

In Bangalore, one grocery shop near our flat is open. There is a queue to get inside, to prevent crowding. The home deliveries are affected and orders are being cancelled; so the local shops are becoming the lifelines. But hopefully more brick and mortar shops will start home deliveries.

Down to the last few mangoes
Down to the last few mangoes

My mornings are not the same; I miss the newspaper, our apartment has stopped newspaper deliveries for now. What next?  For one, the kid will make breakfast on some of the days. Cooking has become the most valuable life skill these days😊. More specifically frugal cooking with easily available ingredients. And if you can get creative with what you chance at the supermarket (more than choice now!), more power to you. But food should be tasty and appealing; we will not get these 21 days back and they should not feel like imprisonment.

"What do you want for breakfast?" asks the kid
“What do you want for breakfast?” asks the kid

Falling within the next 21 days are a two festivals namely Vishu – the New Year in Kerala, and Easter. It is going to be difficult, but we will  get through it. The world will be different post COVID 19. But let’s focus on our today for now !!

“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.” – H G Wells, British author

Till next post, take care !!




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