Monday mayhem🌤

We needed to buy some groceries and drinking water. In Bangalore, we buy the drinking water; the tap water here is hard water. So in case of any lockdown, drinking water is the highest on the list to stock up. While moving to Bangalore, one of the major decisions is whether to be buying the drinking water or to install a water purifier for the kitchen. We decided on the former.


“Covid-19: Bengaluru and eight other Karnataka districts to be shut down from Monday

The government said that buses, trains and metros will not operate in these districts. However, auto rickshaws and cabs will continue to ply. There will be a ban on commercial activities, but shops selling essentials like grocery, medicine, vegetables will remain open. The shutdown will be in force till March 31, Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai said.”

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This piece of news created a little panic. We needed to buy stuff for the week ahead.

Beautiful garlands, any takers? With a road side vendor in Bangalore
Beautiful garlands, any takers? With a road side vendor in Bangalore

There are two shops in our vicinity, one was closed; luckily the other was open. And inside was a frenzy of shoppers. But there were plenty of stocks, so shoppers got their stuff. And for that we are grateful.

From what I saw, one of the most in-demand item was the atta (wheat flour) and cooking oil. And then from the vegetables side, it’s the onions and potato. People were on the hunt for some greens like spinach. And then there were packets of chips and snack items in demand. The staff at the shop managed the panicky crowd well. It has to be mentioned that amidst all the frantic shopping, everyone brought their own carry bags😊.

Luckily, I made a list of things to buy. When you see people buying this and that, you may end up thinking that you are missing out on something and then the panic sets in. The advice of “Shopping with a list” has never been so useful !!

We are back home after an eventful shopping expedition.

I know that the WhatsApp messages are non-stop and driving people crazy, but the funny ones are worthwhile. WhatsApp has become THE messaging platform. I remember last year there was some talk on moving to another messaging app called Slack. Some said WhatsApp was the past and Slack was the future. I installed the Slack app, but not as easy and user friendly as WhatsApp, intact I hated the experience; ended up uninstalling Slack and back to WhatsApp. Now even the local shops are saying “WhatsApp us what you need and will have them home delivered !!”

Till next post, take care !!


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