Precaution or paranoia : The debate draws on 🙅‍♀️

The first casualty of the kid’s endeavour to make an omelette is the pepper bottle.

“It slipped from my hand !” he said as he was attempting to season the egg in the frying pan.

Sheesh…more work for me🤦‍♀️. The glass splintered and the pepper scattered on the floor. I asked my maid to take leave till the end of this month. So all the cleaning is on me now.

Hoping for the best
Hoping for the best

Meanwhile, the apartment’s WhatsApp group is still debating on three main issues – maids, newspaper and milk deliveries. The other home deliveries like groceries, food, courier etc are kept at the main gate and the respective resident has to go and pick them up, the delivery executives are not permitted inside; there seem to be common consensus on this. A new plastic table for keeping stuff has been put up at the security gate.

But maid is a contentious issue; the concern being that there are some households that are dependent on the maids for cooking and cleaning esp. the elderly folks staying alone, working couples who don’t cook nor have time to clean and also families with large number of members. And preventing their entry could put these residents on a sticky situation. Understandable and the solution suggested was that their service be limited to maybe once a week for the time being.

The others are saying we need to do away with the maids for a few weeks as they are dependent on public transport for travel and can bring harm to themselves and others. 

But there are a few saying the decision to continue or discontinue with the maids should not be a blanket one and let the individual households decide.

The second cause of concern are the milk packets and newspaper deliveries in the mornings. These items are considered potential hotbeds of the virus as they pass through  so many hands. Paranoia !? One group considers having these necessities delivered at the door step as usual rather than running the risk of residents getting out to buy the milk packets in the morning. Also follow the usual precautions of washing hand after touching plastic or paper from outside.

There are others who suggest alternatives like  online news and tetra packs for milk and the deliveries should be stopped for the next few weeks.

Yet another group suggests that these too must be kept at the main gate and the residents  should go out and pick them. But people are not happy with having to go to the main gate to collect stuff all the time.

Then another suggestion is to continue with the milk deliveries and do away with the newspapers for a few weeks.

And so on the messages are flying to and fro; and finally it seems the majority agree that the decision will be made by the members of the executive committee and whatever the outcome, it should be followed by all the residents. 

Hoping for the best.

Till next post, take care !!

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