The waiting game

Hot and dry in Bangalore
Hot and dry in Bangalore

The weather in Bangalore is hot and dry. It feels uncomfortable, we would much prefer some humidity to the dryness. Considering the efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic, all schools, malls, theatres have been closed. Kids and spouses are at home. It seems to be the prefect time to take-off together for a holiday somewhere.

But if you are at home, what are the alternatives? The sports coaching classes, summer camps are all closed temporarily, so the activities are confined to in and around the home. While waiting for the kid to finish his board exam, I happen to over hear few mothers discussing the available options to keep the kids engaged during the holidays – cooking and baking, trying out new recipes seems a good way for girls to while away the time. But what about the boys?

Board games, suggests the newspaper. Will work if there are siblings; what if there is only one kid in the house? TV and screen time is what we are trying to reduce. Reading? Hell no; not after reading text books for the past two months for the board exams🥴. What then? Still searching !! Currently, sleeping in late seems to be a good option. The mornings are cool and nowhere to rush 😊.

Meanwhile, suggestions are floating around in the apartment’s WhatsApp group on steps to be taken for protection of residents in the apartment against the virus. There were thoughtful ones like keeping a hand sanitiser in the gym✋ and absurd ones like stopping the newspaper distribution because it passes through so many hands😬. The maids, staff and visitors entering the apartment are being checked with a thermal thermometer. This practice of checking people’s temperature is being carried out at the major hotels in the city also. I have been told that they are shaped like a gun; so you have a gun pointing at you😬. Guess it will take some time getting used to.

Hand sanitisers are still out of stock in shops. Hope the supply resumes soon. There are news and messages of shops closing, so people are stocking up on supplies. But many shops are sending messages saying while they are shutting down store operations; home delivery is fully functional. People are adjusting to the new normal and hoping things will blow over soon.

Till next post, take care !!


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