Season’s special: Strawberries🍓

Strawberry jam, strawberry ice cream…a few of my favourite things made from strawberries are sweet and delightful; so could the actual fruit itself be any different. Unfortunately yes..!!

Strawberries are in season
Strawberries are in season


January to March is the strawberry season🍓 and these red juicy gold freckled fruits make their appearance in the supermarkets and wow…fresh sweet strawberries, we take a pack home…they are sour😒.

What to do? One of my enterprising cousin made strawberry jam out of them😋..hmm…..but that will require loads of sugar and stirring. I am more the lazy kind, so what are the easier options? Chop them up and add them to the salad. Easy😀. Add that is exactly what I did and the result was quite yummy and colourful. Nothing ground breaking in this, the red from the strawberries and tomatoes look fantastic and taste superb!! Fresh strawberries with all the Vitamin C and anti-oxidants intact minus the sugar.

Strawberry chopped up and added to the salad
Strawberry chopped up and added to the salad
Strawberries in salad
Strawberries in salad

Till next post, take care !!🍓


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