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Binging on Netflix
Binging on Netflix

We are currently watching season 3 of Lucifer on Netflix. The story is about the Devil coming to earth for a vaccation. He likes it on earth and decides to extend his stay; takes on the name Lucifer Morningstar, opens a night club in Los Angeles. During the day he works with a LAPD detective named Chloe Decker as a civilian consultant and helps in solving murders. He is joined by other celestial beings occasionally and all of them have magic powers that sometimes makes the impossible happen and brighten up a dull day – a new spin on our superheroes😀.

Lucifer played by Tom Ellis is a smiling and rather charming devil with a British accent  and a wonderful sense of humour. His supernatural powers help in solving the crimes; while his partner remains oblivious to his true self. You can see the rest.

Coming to the interesting part – it’s how the series portray hell on screen. Hell as per Lucifer is simply you being trapped in your guilty state of mind and hence a repetition of the same series of actions again and again. You can’t get out of the vicious cycle even though you want it to stop. There is no one to pull you out and you are stuck with the guilt for eternity – that’s hell. Sounds familiar; it’s a more an earthly interpretation of hell instead of the biblical version filled with fire and gnashing of teeth.

Who wants to knowingly be in hell ? And from how it is depicted in the series, we all seem to be occasionally creating one for ourselves right here on earth. Even Lucifer himself said he doesn’t want to go back to hell; he is pretty happy on earth with the humans.


The second one is the Netflix series called Diriliş: Ertuğrul or Resurrection Ertuğrul. It’s a take on the Turkish history and we follow the life of Ertuğrul Bey, a valiant hero of the nomadic Kayi tribe whose son Osman I becomes the founder of the Ottoman empire.

The episodes open with the melody of the Arabian guitar and galloping horses. It’s the first time I am watching a series based on Turkish history and sheer ignorance of how the events unfolded and a splendid script keeps you glued to the screen binging on the episodes one after the other. 

The politics and battles that take place inside the tents of the nomadic tribe is more fascinating than the fights with the enemies outside. Every day is a battle. The women have such powerful roles and the actors are superb. You can’t stop watching. The sets and the costumes are beautiful and look authentic. The rise of Islam against the Templars and Crusades. Istanbul was then still known as Constantinople. But we are not able to understand the conversations, so are dependent on the sub-titles and that’s hardly an issue; but now few words are becoming familiar, they sound like Hindi for example the word “but” translates to “lakin”.

We are currently on Season 2. In the first season, Ertuğrul was battling the Templars and in the second season, it’s the Mongols who are the enemies. The fierceness of the Mongols is brilliantly portrayed by the commander of the Mongolian army Noyan. The opening scene where Noyan is introduced for the fist time is simply super 🙌!! The sorcery, music, dance and fighting complete the reputation of Genghis Khan’s mongols as fearsome invaders. It’s hard to stop, Noyan plots; Ertuğrul and his brothers counter plot and we are hooked to know how it turns out😅.

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  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE Ertugrul! I just finished Season five😊😊😊


    1. Miles and smiles says:

      😀 We reached Season five too !!

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