TapChief – A Freelancer platform👥

Unicorns, Soonicorns and Unicorpses – the first is familiar but the other two have me stumped. Unicorn in business parlance is the term for a new business with a billion dollar valuation. Soonicorns are unicorns in waiting😀 and Unicorpses were unicorns once, but now they are way below the billion dollar mark. Good to know😊

These seem to be the buzzwords today, the others being doom and gloom; the latter associated with the mature companies. On the other side, the start-ups and unicorns are enjoying their day in the sun. And India has the fourth largest number of unicorns in the world, behind US, China and UK.

I had mentioned few famous Freelancer platforms in a prior post; among them only one Indian firm – Truelancer and now here’s another – TapChief.

TapChief, https://www.tapchief.com
TapChief, https://www.tapchief.com

People have given the name gig economy to the current employment trends in the society, where the employment is for a short duration, seasonal , occasional. 

TapChief, https://www.tapchief.com
TapChief, https://www.tapchief.com

With the fears of slowdown, lay-offs, possible recession and protectionism, free-lancing and temping seem viable options. For the employer it translates to lower overheads and for the workers it can result in multiple income streams.

There is plenty of competition among freelancing platforms and eventually the network effect will see a winner(s) emerging. TapChief could be valuable.

Till next post, take care !!
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