Flying in the Monsoon…🌧🌧

…to Kerala…in August. Anything to consider? Memory is short lived. The euphoria of going on a holiday was at forefront and every other thought was pushed aside. August 2018 was chaos in Kerala due to the unprecedented floods, but lightning never strikes (the same place) twice (guess its a saying, not to be considered literally 😬) and extending the same to floods; what are the chances of floods in Kerala again…?

Our flight was booked for 12:20 pm on Saturday, 10 August from Bangalore to Kochi and on 9 August, red alert due to rain (and flooding) was declared in 4 districts of Kerala and the Cochin International Airport (CIAL) was shut down due to water logging. The airport was to resume operations by 3:00 pm on 11 August. Flights were cancelled and few diverted to the capital Trivandrum. We were thoroughly disappointed🤦‍♀️.

Called up the airlines – Air Asia and requested to rebook us on the next earliest flight out – 9:00 pm on Sunday, 11 August. They courteously obliged and now we were praying that CIAL will not post-pone the reopening time. Luckily they didn’t; in fact they resumed services 3 hours early !!

CIAL Update
CIAL Update

Sunday 9:00 pm, we were in an Air Asia Airbus 320 -200 and off to Kochi. The pilot was a lady named Priya Paul; we landed at Kochi 💃

A hazy photo of our Air Asia Airbus 320 200
A hazy photo of our Air Asia Airbus 320 200

We step out, the ground is wet; only a small drizzle. Where is the monsoon🤔?…maybe tomorrow; we are travelling to Kottayam and in some stretches the roads are flooded…let’s see…that’s tomorrow’s adventure !!🚕

Outside CIAL, the ground is wet
Outside CIAL, the ground is wet

Meanwhile wishing everyone a happy week ahead.

Till next post, take care !!

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