It is just a passing phase, but the story is so gripping with all the twists and turns that I cannot stop. Three straight days, 4 seasons over and 2 more to go. With Netflix, episode after episode, without any ad-breaks; there is no reason to get up from the sofa; order food-in and you are good to go !!

30 day free Netflix is apt for some binge watching
30 day free Netflix is apt for some binge watching

House of Cards; I read about this series in the papers, about a couple’s ambition to wield the highest power in US, nothing short of the presidency; but I was not prepared for the ensuing roller-coaster ride. I had to stop at Season 4 Chapter 4 , when the US President Frank Underwood was shot and is comatose in the hospital. The story seemed empty without him in the frame, even though all the other characters were still plotting and proceeding with their respective agendas; without the President, the White House seemed really a dull place.

In the 1990s, growing up in the Middle East, in Doha, Qatar; we had only the local English channel to watch, the rest were all Arabic channels. We didn’t have cable, so nothing from India. All the TV content was screened by the government and any sensitive, inappropriate scenes censored; so the all the shows were family friendly. I grew up watching soaps like Falcon Crest, Bold and the Beautiful, adventure series MacGyver, sitcoms like Small Wonder, The Cosby Show, Charles in Charge, Beverly Hills 90210 and so on. We watched Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil movies on the VCR. That was a weekend treat, it was only the TV for a hour or more during the weekdays. Loved the drama, the pursuit for money, power and revenge. My friends who had cable were more interested in the Hindi soaps which mainly dealt with the Saas-Bahu (Mother-in-law/ Daughter-in-law) sagas in the joint families which was the norm in India then. The power play between this duo made a meaty storyline.

Back to House of Cards, I know I am very late in catching up with the series, which began in 2013. But I am amazed at the storyline, the cast and the acting. The series has numerous awards to its credit. I first heard of Kevin Spacey, when he won the Oscar for best actor in the movie American Beauty, but have not watched any of his movies so far; but I can think of no one else playing the character of Frank Underwood than him. Robin Wright as Clarie Underwood, complements him; but is it just me or does her hairstyle look similar to Lena Headey’s Cersei Lannister in the later episodes of Game of Thrones ?

I read in the papers last year that in the wake of the sexual misconduct allegations, Kevin Spacey was dropped from the Season 6. I don’t think I am going to complete the series; even in Season 4, with him in the hospital and out of action, the drama has lost its bite; not sure whether I want to continue, seems downhill all the way. And the final season without Frank Underwood in the frame, not worth the watch; even the idea of a female US President does not sell, an ending written because of no other plausible recourse.

What’s next, maybe The Last Kingdom or Black Mirror or maybe Tidying Up with Marie Kondo?

Till next post, take care !!


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