Tale of a common teapot
Tale of a common teapot

A picture to tell a story has to be quirky, offbeat, bizarre or something unusual !? Maybe; but the simple and familiar things can tell a tale too !

The credit for the story has to go to a lady named Suzi Vaughan; she was the source of inspiration through her TED Talk titled Fashion Your Future. She lists 9 simple ways we can create a better future for ourselves and at no. 1 on the list stands – Use your imagination, be creative everyday.


The teapot was part of the tea set we received as a house-warming gift for our new apartment in Kochi in 2015. It was the first house my husband and I bought together and we invited all our first cousins, aunts and uncles for the house-warming function with a lavish buffet lunch. We made a list of all who said will come; the list from my husband’s side of the family had more affirmations and my side of the family had more of “let’s see”.

On the day of the function, 150 people showed up and to break it down – 100 were from my husband’s side of the family, 20 from my side and 30 were colleagues and friends. The glee on my husband’s face was hard to miss and after the function and as expected he asks –

“How come your people didn’t show up? ” 

In my defence I said ” Your people are all living within the district. The one’s far away didn’t show up. My family is spread across the country; we venture to the world outside you see…”

“We too don’t travel long distances for a house-warming; maybe for a wedding we take the effort, as it marks a life changing occasion and compared to that, a house-warming is relatively less significant.” I go on the defensive.

“Shows which side of the family has stronger ties.” my husband has the last word with the impish glee.

The family functions on my husband’s side are large celebratory gatherings, people take time out from work to attend them and an absence will require a satisfactory explanation. And the fact that they are mostly self-employed and live in close proximity makes it relatively easier. On my side of the family, the celebrations are more muted; only if it is a standing social norm. Most of them are employed; have settled near their work locations, hence need a good reason to take leave from work and an advance notice to travel. Lifestyle differences !? Maybe I am just trying to rationalize, as I do not want to concede.

The teapot has been sitting in the cupboard for the past 3 years. Now finally out in the open; curious glances see only a recycling effort, oblivious to the uncommon tale of a common teapot. It serves as a reminder of our house-warming function and whenever me and my husband run out of topics to argue about, we pick once again on the attendance at our house-warming function.

Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead.

Till next post, take care.

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