Located in Fort Kochi between the historic Aspinwall House and Pepper House is this  restaurant called Seagull. It’s the sort of place you will want to go to with friends. Step inside, you see the waters of the Arabian sea glistening under the sun on the opposite side and you want to have a table close to the water’s edge. The afternoon was sunny and hot, no air-conditioning, we chose a table under the shade; close to the water. We were smiling, happy to get a table and it felt good to be here !!

Seaside at Seagull, Fort Kochi
Seaside at Seagull, Fort Kochi

It is a touristy spot, you have spectacular views of the sea, but have to ignore the nylon table-cloth. The food is good, spicy – we tried the beef and parotta, chilli crab, noodles. Maybe it was the proximity to the sea, maybe it was the spicy food, maybe the good company and better still, all of the above; always have good memories of the place. And it’s the good memories that pull you back.

If you are in Kochi to see the Biennale, you will definitely see this place. Check it out.

Seagull at Fort Kochi
Seagull at Fort Kochi


Till next post, take care !!


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