D for Dosa


If you are in Kochi and looking for a good place to eat, try the Curry Tree Diner.

Dosa, the south Indian vegetarian breakfast staple, is traditionally served coconut chutney and sambar. The plain dosa is made tastier with a filling of mildly spiced potatoes and becomes a masala dosa.

The dosa even made  an appearance this year on Masrerchef Australia season 10 and won the cook off for the maker. It was Nigella Lawson who asked the contestants to make the most delicious pancakes. Everyone started on the sweet kind, while a contestant named Loki decided to make a savoury pancake aka dosa. Needless to say he won and then went onto win the Immunity pin that week also.

Curry Tree Diner a new restaurant at Kadavanthra, Kochi is serving yummy dosas with non-vegetarian fillings; options include – egg, chicken or beef. We tried the dosa with the Chettinad chicken filling, was good. The sides were a surprise – in addition to the coconut chutney, there was a small bowl of mint chutney and three delicious gravy – fish, egg and chicken.

Curry Tree Diner, Kochi
Curry Tree Diner, Kochi
Dosa with Chettinad chicken filling
Dosa with Chettinad chicken filling
The choice of gravy - fish, egg, chicken
The choice of gravy – fish, egg, chicken

To wash it down, try their super sherbet, cold, sweet, with a rim of red chilli peppers and hint of salt. You will definitely go back for another.

We have also tried their Kerala parotta with beef (very popular choice) and biryanis; all good. Wish I had the pictures to share !!

Till next post, take care.

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