A weekend away

We have routines for the weekdays; many have vouched that it is the best way to get things done. We are on auto pilot, things are pre-planned, compiled from the many lists we keep and we simply have to stick to the final to-do list. The days are devoid of the daunting task of decision-making and are also effective by not letting our feelings come in the way of our productivity and that’s what makes us feel good….being productive by getting stuff done.

But come weekend a happy feeling of freedom sets in, but soon fades away, as we have a separate set of tasks for the weekend to keep propelling us forward in the game of life and so most of the weekends also run in a predetermined manner and once again we are bound by routine. And that’s why we look forward to the holidays….. 🤨

Most of my activities revolve around the kid and so when the kid was going away this weekend to Hyderabad, my weekend drew a blank. But the unplanned weekend went very well.

Recently, the Talks at Google channel in Youtube had a presentation by Nassim Nicholas Taleb; he was talking about his new book “Skin in the Game”, the fifth in his Incerto series.  He makes a lot of interesting observations and one is about what he calls the “Expert Problem”. 

He takes restaurants as examples; he predicts an eventual doom for the ones that are voted best in a certain category, saying these ratings are decided by journalists and peers who fall under the title of so called experts, who have no touch with reality. They are not acting on the feedback from customers. And thus he goes to generalise saying any business that does not take feedback from the actual end customers and rely on feedback from peers alone, is going to fade away; whilst the businesses, where client feedback is integral in taking the business forward or backward are going to thrive.

The Grill House, Ulsoor, Bangalore
The Grill House, Ulsoor, Bangalore

This weekend we ate a two places where the food is good, but the restaurant names are not seen on the usual lists of must places to eat from in Bangalore. First one is the Grill House at Ulsoor, Bangalore. We have been here several times, located on the main road with ample parking space in a separate compound further inside, the place has some delicious favourites. We always order plate of Grilled Gamberoni, the chilli Bechamel sauce they serve with it is absolutely divine !! Another favourite is the Spaghetti Bolognaise with minced beef.

Grilled Gamberoni
Grilled Gamberoni
Spaghetti Bolognaise with minced beef
Spaghetti Bolognaise with minced beef
Seafood Pasta
Seafood Pasta

The second is Harry’s Bar & Cafe at Koramangala, Bangalore. Located diagonally opposite the Forum Mall, adjacent to the Bosch office complex, the food here was good too. We were at the Forum Mall to catch the movie Crazy Rich Asians, enjoyed the movie and Michelle Yeoh as the mother-in-law was a standout; though based on a book by the same name, it reminded us of the American movie Monster-in-law starring Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez. The theme of rich boy – poor girl – disapproving mother-in-law plus extended family is universal and if you throw in a few song and dance sequences plus a lecherous villain you will get a typical Bollywood movie.

After the movie, at the Harry’s Bar & Cafe, we tried the Blonde Sangria, was just okish; the Crispy Cambodian Chicken Salad was super; the Tom Yum Goong soup was spicy and the mains Harry’s Stroganoff – Chicken was delicious !!

Harry's Bar & Cafe, Koramangala, Bangalore
Harry’s Bar & Cafe, Koramangala, Bangalore


The weekend we also visited our relatives; an uncle and aunt are faculty at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore and they stay in the staff quarters inside the campus. The campus is a serene oasis in the midst of the concrete Bangalore. As my uncle proudly pointed out, within the IISc campus, there are 5 trees for every individual residing there !! We spent the afternoon catching up on the current affairs in the extended family over my aunt’s crispy banana fritters.

Inside the IISc Campus, Bangalore
Inside the IISc Campus, Bangalore

This weekend was also special as we welcomed the youngest member on my maternal family side; my cousin was blessed with a baby girl. The mobile phones ushered in the blessings and congratulations to the new-born and her happy parents from across the globe. We went to the hospital to see the new born, sleeping peacefully. This is just the dawn of much bigger celebrations to come !!


This was a weekend away from the routine weekends and went very well. The combo of a film, family and fabulous food was a welcome change. I guess you don’t have to travel far for a break from the daily grind and new experiences; just a break from the routine and connecting with people face-to-face is refreshing !!



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