An in-flight discovery

Friday morning, we check-out from the hotel by 6:30 am, a cab drives us to the Nadi airport and we are ready to bid adieu to the island paradise.

Korean Air at Nadi airport
Korean Air at Nadi airport

We boarded Korean Air by 10:00 am, our airline from Fiji to Seoul and were off. Most people may overlook the in-flight magazine, but for me it is still an attraction I eagerly look forward to. And in the front seat pocket in the plane, I discovered the late Tasha Tudor. Her story was the cover article in the airlines Beyond magazine and I read every word of it and took photos of all the pictures in the magazine.

Tasha Tudor on the cover of the Beyond magazine of Korean Air
Tasha Tudor on the cover of the Beyond magazine of Korean Air

Tasha Tudor started of as a children’s book illustrator, who later authored and illustrated her own series of children’s books; an avid gardener, her home and garden in Vermont, USA has become a popular tourist attraction.

It reminded me of the Enid Blyton books, but her watercolour sketches were amazing and I want to buy a copy of her books, just to see the beautiful illustrations.

And then there is her amazing garden spanning 250 acres…..the pictures are beautiful !!

Tasha Tudor was not the only discovery we made in Korean Air; we also tried the Korean meal on offer in the plane. This was the first time we were eating a Korean meal and the air-hostess took time to explain to us how to eat it. First, there was the seaweed soup and then the rice to be mixed with the mushrooms and meat along with the sesame oil and chilli paste. It was good.

After a 10 hour journey, by 5:00 pm and we land at the Incheon Airport in Seoul. First time in South Korea – home of Hyundai, KIA, Samsung….; but only a few hours in transit.

Seoul - first look
Seoul – first look

The airport is beautiful and we take a quick tour to see the airport and browse at the duty-free before boarding our next 8 hour Korean Air flight to Mumbai at 7:40 pm.

Souvenirs from Incheon airport
Souvenirs from Incheon airport

We land in Mumbai at 12:30 am at the International terminal and though in the middle of the night, I can’t help notice all the artwork displayed on the walls. We go past the immigration, customs and finally to board the Air India flight from Mumbai to Kochi, for the last leg of the journey. And while waiting to board the plane, I noticed the display called Thresholds of India – a tableau of the traditional doorways and facades seen across India – beautiful !!


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