Morning delights in Hong Kong 2018

New day; 2nd day in Hong Kong. Wet, wet, wet; we head out for breakfast armed with the umbrella. A 5 min walk and we are in front of this cute looking place called Lai Yuen Restaurant.

@Lai Yuen Restaurant
@Lai Yuen Restaurant

Our English breakfast arrives, beautifully plated and super tasty. We have the Mushroom and Ham Omelette with Salad and a platter of Sausage and Bacon, Double Sunny Egg, Potato Cake and Butter Toast – all things good !!

Happy with the breakfast, the following outlines the plan for Day 2:

9:00 am – Breakfast @Lai Yuen Restaurant

10:00 am – Hong Kong Science Museum

1:30 pm – Lunch @Empire City Roasted Duck in K 11 mall

3:00 pm – Hong Kong Museum of History

7:30 pm – Dinner @Mak’s Noodles

Next stop – the Hong Kong Science Museum, a 5 min walk. As we walk along the crowded footpaths, I look forward to the zebra crossings; both the red and the green signs emit two different sounds to alert the pedestrians, it’s a novel experience and I tune my ear to catch the sound as we make the crossing; something we lack back in India.

Zebra crossing in HK
Zebra crossing in HK

Taxis in Hong Kong have a colour codeRed colour for taxis operating in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, blue colour for taxis in Lantau island and green colour for taxis operating in the New Territories.

It has stopped raining and the sun is out. It’s a pleasant walk taking in all the sights and sounds of the city on the Saturday morning.

Saturday morning traffic
Saturday morning traffic
View from an over bridge on the way to the museum
View from an over bridge on the way to the museum

The Hong Kong Science Museum is spread across 4 floors and will take half a day and another post to do justice to the visit.


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