Vaca on an island paradise


Our next destination.

Can you guess the place ? Below are 10 fun facts about the place:

{1} It’s cannot be called an island, more an archipelago.

{2} Situated in the Pacific Ocean.

{3} Located on the International Date Line or the 180˚ meridian, which is the imaginary line in the Pacific Ocean that splits consecutive calendar days ie where one day begins and another ends.

{4} New Zealand is a close neighbour.

{5} Was a former British colony and gained independence in 1970.

{6} Tourism and sugar are the major economy drivers.

{7} Fire walking originated on these islands.

{8} Rugby is the most popular sport here.

{9} Castaway, Blue Lagoon, Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid are few of the movies shot in these islands

{10} Home of the international sports star Vijay Singh.

Easy right ? 🙂

It would be interesting to know which clue was the giveaway – {5}, {9}, {10} or…. ? Came across these on the net while searching for a book about this beautiful country. More in the next post !!



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