Window seat please…


We always ask at the airline counter. If we get one, we are elated, else we are visibly disappointed. We pay for the transportation and the view comes free !! I always take pictures from the airplane, but posted here are only the ones with the window outline.

At the designated seats, we check out the views from the windows; something like checking out the views from the balcony of your hotel room and the holiday has officially started !!

Kochi International Airport
Kochi International Airport

Once onboard, the online entertainment take over; but during the take-off and landing, all eyes are on the windows.

The views from the windows are another reason for my preference for travel during the day. A bird’s-eye view of the ground below, a peek into the heavily guarded working world of an airport, a close-up view of the aeroplanes with their multicoloured tails from various countries, first impressions about a new land, peering into the clouds and making sense of their odd shapes……

Runway on fire....maybe just the Hong Kong city lights
Runway on fire….maybe just the Hong Kong city lights



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