Chili’s @Bengaluru : Hot place to chill

Queue for the IPL tickets@Bangalore
Queue for the IPL tickets@Bangalore

The IPL fervour and soaring mercury are full-on in Bangalore. And the kid needs to buy some stuff for the upcoming Himalayan trek; but we are not looking forward to venturing outside in the stifling heat. This is when the malls look very inviting and that’s where we head.

In the shopping expedition to Phoenix Market City Mall in Whitefield, we tried the Chili’s restaurant for lunch. Chili’s is a restaurant chain with an American lineage and a tex-mex cuisine. Though they have a large outside seating area, there were no takers with the current Bangalore heat and people flocked to the air-conditioned comfort inside. They had two screens, one playing music videos and the other the IPL matches, so it was good entertainment too. They also add 10% of the bill as points to your account with them.

The most note-worthy aspect of the restaurant is the prompt service and the courteous staff. Regards to the food, we had hits and misses.

We started with the Cream of Chicken Soup and the Santa Fe Chicken Salad, was very good. We then ordered the Classic Chicken Fajita, the Cajun Chicken Pasta. They too were delicious.

The Philadelphia Melting Cheese Steak and the Crispy-Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers were a miss. The steak was a bit bland for our palette and we were not very taken to the chipotle flavour. But other than these two, the other dishes we tried were good. We did miss out on trying a burger from this place, maybe next time.


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