Toast & Tonic @Bengaluru : A toast to great taste


One of my favourite newspaper columnists recommended a movie; not an award-winning art movie, nor a period drama, but the current box-office super-hit – Black Panther. Below is a snap of the excerpt from her column and she mentions all the stand-outs that I am also gushing about. Very happy to have seen it !!

The annual summer holidays have started. And the first day of the hols began on a high-note with the morning show of Black Panther and to keep the momentum going, we ventured into the restaurant named Toast & Tonic on Wood Street, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore. A very popular joint and winner of the Times Food and Nightlife Awards – 2018 in two categories namely Best Global/ Modern (Casual) and Restaurant of the Year (Nightlife).

Exterior of Toast & Tonic
Exterior of Toast & Tonic

The front of the restaurant reminded me of Wakanda; from the outside, a poor agrarian country but hidden inside is a modern thriving metropolis. T&T has a cozy setting, apt for relaxed drinks and meal. The restaurant has two levels, the second one is in the basement, saw people coming in and disappearing down below.

Below are the cocktails we had – The Red Indian and Betty Rose. Loved the Betty Rose, with the rose petal and the pomegranate seeds at the bottom !!

Betty Rose
Betty Rose

We started with the Au Revoir Colonel Sanders, the juicy chicken pieces disappeared quickly as the mains arrived. The three us had three cuisines – Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe with chicken, Flash Aged Steak and Bulgogi Burger. The burger had tapioca chips on the side. The Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe was a stand-out. Neeedless to say the food was super  tasty. We skipped desserts this time. No regrets, as we will be going back for more. We just walked in this time without reservations and were lucky to get a table. The place filled up fast and next time booking a table will be good idea.


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