Hole in the Wall Cafe @Bengaluru : Good things come in small packages

The name is a misnomer; the place exudes character and ranks high on popularity. And if seeing is believing, the snap below has a view of the crowd waiting outside the cafe for breakfast on Sunday. This cafe is tucked away on the 8th Main Road in Koramangala, Bangalore.

The queue outside the restaurant at 9:16am
The queue outside the restaurant at 9:16 am

We were warned to reach the place early in order to get a table. We reached by 8:15 am and no, we were not the first to arrive; we were informed that the service will start only by 8:30 am. No problems, we settled down at a table next to the large bookshelf and helped ourselves to a paperback. Loved the charming bookshelf, the books and knick- knacks were arranged in a thoughtfully careless way !!


By 9:00 am, the place was full and people were waiting outside. We usually treat ourselves to a leisurely south Indian breakfast on Sundays and this cafe was famous it’s English breakfast.  Maybe this is a business opportunity and there is a dearth of good English breakfast cafes in Koramangala !! We couldn’t wait to try the food. We ordered the Choc Waffles, Eggs of Zorro, Club sandwich, Hot Cocoa with whipped cream, Mango & Cream chiller and a Greek salad sandwich.  


The food was tasty and comforting and we wanted more. No English breakfast is complete without bacon and sausages !! We just sampled a small portion of the offerings and definitely have to go back again !!


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  1. Hole in the Wall Cafe was definitely one of our Bangalore highlights! My boyf loved the pork sausages. I can’t remember what I had ordered but the pulpy watermelon juice was delicious!

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