Southindies : Vegetarian Delights


Southindies, Bangalore
Southindies, Bangalore

This restaurant did not offer a glamorous first impression, but vegetarians flock to this place and if you are late, you will be waiting for a table for the Sunday lunch. This vegetarian restaurant is located on the 100 ft road in Indiranagar in Bangalore.

Focusing on the south Indian veg  food, they have a veg buffet for Sunday lunch. The waiter comes and educates you on their modus operandi; they serve the soup and unlimited starters at the table and when done, you can proceed and select from the buffet spread for the main course. For starters, they had ten different items including the soup and by the time you are finished with these finger foods, your appetite is satiated.

The Kuzhi paniyaram was served in a special vessel with multiple spherical holes. You can dip one into the coconut chutney and finish it in two delicious bites.

The Rasam puri had four types of rasams served in test-tubes and their colours were enough to spike our curiosity. The rasams were in pepper, mango, watermelon and mint flavours. They were served with the crispy fried round puris.  Eating them was fun, you poke a hole into the round puris using the glass stirrer, fill in a bit of the spicy mashed potatoes and pour the rasam into it and pop the whole thing into the mouth and with one bite, it bursts in the mouth !!

Curd atom bomb
Curd atom bomb

Loved the theatrics that came with the Curd atom bomb and it tasted more like ice-cream.

In addition to the above, to complete the starters, there were Barbeque Idli, Avakai Paneer Skewer, Cheese Pakoda, Uralai 65, Pazham pori and Sabudana Vada. The Pazham pori needs a special mention; it’s a Kerala style snack made from ripe bananas, dipped in batter and fried; golden, crispy and served hot, it was super tasty !!

The process of eating the starters was much fun and unknowingly we indulged quite a bit and we found ourselves proceeding for the main course with reluctance; maybe just for a taste of things. Not to forget the desserts !!

Being habitual non-vegetarians, we are used to eating the Indian breads namely the Appam, Malabar Parotta, Dosa etc with meat and fish sides, hence the vegetarian options such as the Kaikari Stew (a Tamil Nadu veg white stew), Palak Paneer etc were not very enticing. However the vegetarians will definitely differ in their views and would be happy with the spread.

Curd rice with crispy pappadam and spicy mango pickle
Curd rice with crispy pappadam and spicy mango pickle

There were also rice options and other veg sides as accompaniment. We scrimped on the main course, but had generous helping of the desserts and the stand-outs were the delicious Gulab Jamuns and Ada Pradhaman payasam.

We ventured to try this vegetarian place as we were observing Lent and it’s customary for us to give up eating non-vegetarian foods during this period. We do not frequent vegetarian-only restaurants and another visit to this restaurant will be only after sometime.


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