Marhaba Dubai : The Glamorous Dubai Marina & JBR



The Dubai Marina is picture perfect with swanky yachts mooring alongside the high-rise towers. You can’t help but marvel at the soaring skyscrapers, as they glisten in the evening sun.

We entered the Marina Walk through the Marina Mall. The Marina Walk is ideal for an evening stroll along the waterfront and offers plenty of dining options.  If you want to fast track, there is also a zip-line along the Walk. Ice cream rolls @Dubai Marina…’s how you make them !!!

Next, JBR or Jumeirah Beach Residence – a high-end residential development with a mix of high-rise residential blocks and hotels; one of Dubai’s most lively locales.

The key attractions at JBR are The Walk and The Beach. We were there by late evening and the place was glamorously lit up. The Walk is a stretch of pavement dotted with cafes, boutiques, pop-up stalls and we even saw an open air cinema, playing Moana that evening.

The Beach is a bustling promenade situated in front of JBR,  dotted with restaurants on one side and sandy beach on the other.  There are more pop-up stalls here, selling jewellery, handbags, hand-made soaps and many other curios. Good place for a leisurely evening stroll and dinner.

We tried the Cotton candy Milk-shake from the Black Tap restaurant at JBR and then for dinner, we stepped into The Cheesecake Factory at The Beach.


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