Marhaba Dubai : The Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain & Burj Khalifa


Dubai is home to many firsts – the world’s tallest tower, largest man-made island, largest choreographed fountain and still counting…..

Located in Downtown Dubai, the Dubai Mall is supposed to be the world’s largest shopping centre by total area. It’s huuuuuuuuuge !!!

And in addition to the shops, food courts, play areas, multitude of restaurants and movie screens, it also hosts an aquarium and an underwater zoo. Be sure to be wearing comfortable shoes while visiting the mall !!  The mall boasts the largest Oled Screen display. The tickets we had included the passes to the aquarium, the zoo and to the observation deck at Level 124- 125 at the Burj Khalifa. The aquarium holds sharks and sting rays, but most mesmerizing were the Glass catfish with their amazing transparent body and you can see their spine clearly.

The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower, shimmering against the night sky, is one of Dubai’s iconic buildings and the centrepiece of Downtown Dubai. While in queue to visit the observation deck on the 124 & 125 floors called At The Top, you get to view the photos of the building’s construction and read a fascinating array of facts regarding the masterpiece. For example: The main structure of the building is based on “organic inspiration” taken from the Hymenocallis flower. Like petals from a stem, the tower’s wings extend from its central core. This concept is much more clearer when you see the picture.  The tower is shaped like a Y to help resist strong winds. The Y-shaped design also maximizes both inward natural light and outward views, meaning just about everyone has a room with a view. The high-speed elevator took us to the observation deck which offered incredible views of Dubai. From the airplane, all you see is sand, but from here at night, all you see are the dazzling lights of Dubai.

Back at the mall again and we had dinner from P F Chang’s. The Dragon Shrimp was a popular choice and loaded on taste. And after dinner we were just in time to catch the last show of the Dubai Fountain – captivating show of water, light and music. And here ended a beautiful evening in Dubai !!!!


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